Stegi Radio Sessions

Stegi Radio Sessions, in a monthly collaboration with Scenius bringing together the worlds of jazz and experimental music. With an avant-garde spirit, we challenge conventional norms, presenting a dynamic fusion of straight jazz and innovative sounds.

Stegi Radio
The online radio station of Onassis Stegi,  STEGI.RADIO  preserves its strong ties within the Athenian music scene, the Mediterranean basin, and the rest of the world, and moves forward with its gaze fixed on the future.

Scenius at Stegi Radio
Wandering along spaces and places, connecting the musical dots.
Focusing on world jazz expression along with musical exploration, pushing the boundaries of traditional genres.


Pharoah Sanders : Astral Travelling
Fire : Work Song For a Scattered Past
Kahil El Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble : Return of the Lost Tribe
Mark Giuliana : Most Important Question
Josh Johnson : Free mechanical
Y-Otis : OOMY
Sun Ra : Plutonian Nights
Medeski, Martin and Wood : Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)
Klonis-Sideris-Christodoulou : Untitled
Hu Vibrational :Timeless
Can : Bring Me Coffee or Tea
Yoshiaki Ochi : Ear Dreamin’